Your Mobile App Checklist

Are you looking to build the next best app out there? Looking to update your existing app? Whatever category you fall under, our Saskatoon App Developers have some important steps to follow to ensure you cover all of your bases to develop your mobile app. As with any business venture, planning should be the very first step in the creation process. There are some clear guidelines when it comes to the planning and development of a mobile app, and we want to help distinguish the steps needed in order to cover all of the areas necessary to make your app shine. We have divided the steps into 4 major categories including: research & planning, development & design, deployment & on-going maintenance, and finally, marketing your app. Let’s take a look a more in depth look at each of these steps and what they entail:

1. Research & Planning

For starters, you must clearly outline what your objectives are with your app. What problem will your mobile application solve for your customers? Who is your target market? What are your competitors doing in the mobile field? These ideas are just to get your virtual ball rolling. Other areas you need to focus in this stage will likely be revolving around what features you would like to include, how you can further your brand recognition by incorporating an app and in-depth research as to what you users are looking for when it comes to an app for your business. Creating a roadmap of these steps can be helpful when staying on task and answering all questions you need to answer before the design and development stage begins.

2. Development & Design

When deciding on the visual design of your app, there are a few questions you need to answer prior to committing to the design plan. Do you have a distinguished branding style, or are you looking to start fresh with a brand new design palette? Design is much more than just picking colours – it’s about look and feel, ease of use and paying attention to what makes sense from a user perspective. Another aspect that needs a lot of attention is layout and functionality, you need to figure out what data you want to include in your app and how it will be used to help solve your consumers wants and needs. After initial designs have been approved, moving on to the development stage can be daunting. Hiring qualified app developers is an obvious choice, but it’s much more than that – you must consider things like security and performance structure, and if your app collects data – how will you collect this data? Will you be including information fields for your users to fill out, or will you ask for users to sign in using their email or social media profiles? All of this needs to be determined prior to getting to the next stage.

3. Testing, Deployment & Maintenance

One of the most important steps in app development is definitely testing. Have a dedicated team to test all areas of your app prior to deployment, this way you can catch any bugs and fix them before your app goes live. As with any project, there’s no way to catch all errors, but it’s definitely the best practice to test repeatedly to ensure the best user experience you can possibly give. There’s always room for user feedback, so that you can address any issues and keep an open line of communication with your users. Once your testing phase is complete, deploying your app can take some time; make sure you follow guidelines for both app stores (Andriod vs iOS). Another thing to consider is creating a strategy for maintenance and updates.

4. Marketing

As with any product, success won’t just happen, you must market and create awareness of your app, and subsequently, your brand. Have you determined a marketing budget? What channels will get the attention of your target market properly? Another key factor in the marketing stage is analytics; figure out which analytical software is most beneficial to you and integrate this into your plan. With the right tracking software, you can easily identify where you shortcomings are coming from and will enable you to combat any engagement issues that arise.


Building an app is definitely a daunting task, but it can be a lot easier if you have a clear plan laid out to follow. Do you have an incredible app idea? If you have any questions or wish to discuss your app a bit further, visit the Contact section of our website. Our team would love to chat with you about we can turn your app idea into a reality. We build more than apps, we build businesses.