Welcome to VOG Saskatoon App Developer

Hello Saskatoon!

We are incredibly excited to make you our first expansion out of Alberta and into the rest of Canada! Our next door neighbor Saskatchewan has so much to offer, strong resource and agricultural communities, one of the best views of the northern lights, and hopefully best of all… incredible app ideas! It is with great pride that I introduce to you the third expansion of our business, VOG Saskatoon App Developer.

We know Saskatoon… So Here’s a Little About Us

What makes VOG Saskatoon App Developer an amazing company to work with? Our team! We are a local company with local developers. We are the most fun, most transparent and best value team for your project. VOG Saskatoon App Developer was founded by a mobile app enthusiast in 2012 for one reason…there was to many “mobile app developers”  who where not actually mobile app developers. We adopted this ideal and brought it to the city of Calgary and it was met with huge success. In 2017 we decided to spread the love and bring VOG to multiple provinces across Canada.


What Makes Us Different

As mentioned before, our companies founder Vince O’Gorman started this company in 2012 with one goal in mind… there were to many “mobile app developers”  who were not actually mobile app developers. All the other so called “app developers” have been over quoting you, outsourcing your work, and not giving you the right experience that you deserve. It’s time for a developer that is fun, transparent, and the best value for what you pay. Here is a quote from the founder of VOG Saskatoon App Developer, Vince O’Gorman:

“Developing an app should always be about the experience, and a great design coupled with a solid innovation will go a long way in making your users experience positive, as well as your own”


There’s lots of good things WE could say about ourselves, but don’t just take our word for it, here’s what a few of our clients are saying:

VOG has the Midas touch! They were such a pleasure to work with. The VOG team created an app that exceeded our expectation. We can’t wait to work with VOG in the future, we would recommend them to any of our clients at Radar Marketing looking to build an app.


The staff make every effort to guide you to success! I’ve never had such a pleasant and inspiring time creating an app. You’d be at a loss to pass on their services.


Had a great experience getting my App created with VOG. Friendly creative and experienced staff who support you every step of the way. Would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking about developing an App.


Such a great company with work with. Vince and his VOG team went above and beyond for my app! Highly recommended!


If you’re interested in finding out a bit more about us, give us a call or send us an email! Visit the Contact section of the site and our team will chat with you about what we can do to bring your next app idea to life. When it comes to app development in Sakatoon, we know we are the right app company for you!