Using Video To Enhance Your Brand Awareness: Part 2

In our last post we discussed the initial steps of generating video content, and how important it is to consider the right content strategies, equipment selection and market research to develop your video marketing tactics successfully. Let’s take the next step and discuss a few different genres that our Saskatoon App Development team believes your business might identify with.

Using video for mobile or video marketing has proven to be very effective at getting your message out there and creating visibility for your brand. Statistics show that social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined and nearly 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. Companies that use videos in their marketing have 27% higher clickthrough rate and 34% higher conversion rates than those that don’t (check this article out for more stats like these). With all signs pointing to video as the obvious choice, let’s break down the types of video that could appeal to your audience.

  1. Tutorials and Instructional Videos: These videos are meant to teach your audience something, or familiarize them with your products. These types of videos will be the ones your future consumers will look for prior to purchasing. Creating solutions to your users problems is an effective way to gain trust and build relationships with your users.
  2. Compassionate and Inspirational Videos: Videos that evoke emotion or create inspired connections can help your customers relate to your products or services on an emotional level. These types of videos are best delivered with sincerity and require the right motivators. Targeting something that is very important to your user base is the most important factor, like including success stories or focusing on what’s important in your target markets.
  3. Humorous Videos: It’s a particularly hard task to create the right type of funny videos. Watching comedic content actually makes us want to share the content with others, more so than most other types of content. With that said, it’s going to take some extra effort to find the right way to deliver your message using this type of video, but it’s worth it!
  4. Demo Videos: These types of video are designed to highlight your products in a way that convinces new and old users alike, that your products are the very best. Showing proof or incorporating user testimonials is always a great way to solidify the importance and portray the sense of need you’re looking for within your audience.
  5. Company Culture Videos: Giving insight to your company’s environment is a great way to engage your audience and allows them to see the more personal side of your business. Showcase your passions, involve team building activities, and focus on the relatable aspects of your team members. Encouraging investment in your company’s values can speak volumes to attracting new clients your way.


So now, you should have a pretty good understanding about what it takes to make a great online video. Providing you do the right research to identify your target audience, researching current trends in your market, combined with the right gear and motives, you;re set up for success. Do you have an incredible app idea or want to know more about incorporating video into your existing app? If you have any questions or wish to discuss your app a bit further, visit the Contact section of our website. Our team would love to chat with you about we can turn your app idea into a reality. We build more than apps, we build businesses.