The Three Biggest Mistakes in App Marketing

When it comes to marketing in general, it can definitely be a bit tricky. This goes extra for mobile marketing, it can be tough to convince people to download your app and stick with it. Although each app is different, there are a few basic mistakes that everybody makes when it comes to marketing. Here are the top 3 marketing mistakes that everyone is making as told by a Saskatoon App Developer:

Whether or not your product is an app, the likelihood of your marketing plan involving advertising to mobile is very high. People involved with digital marketing advertise through apps whether they realize it or not. Consider the most popular social media platform out there.. Facebook. When advertisers are creating their ads, they choose their target audience, and through what means they will display their ads, the most popular of which being the mobile app. Think of all the other apps out there besides Facebook that display ads. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, App ad displays, and more all add up to being some of the most popular forms of advertising to date. So now that I’ve hopefully convinced you the importance of app marketing, here are a few common mistakes to avoid when marketing your app according to a Saskatoon App Development team.

“Desktop and Mobile Are The Same”

You’re probably thinking… well duh, everyone knows they’re different.. and that’s good. Too many people seem to think that the same experience you get from a website is the same experience you can get from a mobile app and that’s just not the case. Most users will abandon apps that feel like a desktop experience and stay with apps that take advantage of your mobile phone. Keep the goal of your app in mind and focus on it’s positives. Remember, just because your app has a lot of features does not necessarily mean it’s guaranteed for success. Keep the goal of your app in mind and play to its strengths.

“Once Someone Downloads My App, They’ll Keep Using It”

This is sadly not the case. Acquiring a good user base is absolutely fantastic and definitely something worth pursuing, however, you need to keep your app fresh, relevant, and updated in order to keep them. App marketers will agree that gaining users isn’t the hardest part, it’s keeping them. Keeping an eye on app analytics and reviews will help you to build a solid strategy on how to keep people in your app based on likes, dislikes, and target audience.

“My App Is For Everyone”

This one can be tough for some people to hear. They want the whole world to download their app and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some people however, miss the opportunity to get personal with their users. By appealing to your target audience, you can greatly increase the chances of your app being kept by users, as well as talked about. The last thing you want is for your users to feel “insulted” just because you are trying to go for a neutral tone that will please everybody. Using analytics, you can begin to identify what audiences are downloading and loving your app, it might surprise you who your target audience is, but once you have identified it, you can begin to get personal and engage with them! Remember this quote:

Market to your best customers first, your prospects second, and the rest of the world last!


Hopefully this will help guide your marketing plan for your app. As a Saskatoon App Developer, we are always happy to give you input to help you along, nobody knows apps like we do. If you’re interested in getting started with building your app, or wish to update and existing app, please visit the Contact section of the site. Our team would love to chat about how we can make your app dream a reality!