The Small Business App Boom – The Trend of 2017?

Apps are all the rage for businesses these days. No matter what size of business you own, it seems everyone has an app for it. So how are small business owners keeping up? Check out a few thoughts from a Saskatoon App Developer’s perspective how you can incorporate an app into your small business for a fraction of the cost:

Everyone has an app for their business. So how it is small businesses are able to keep up with what can be a huge asset to their business? As technology progresses, it can surprise a lot of business owners how affordable and quick apps can be made for every size business and budget. So how do you go about making an app on a budget that still provides value to your potential customers? Check out a few thoughts from our Saskatoon App Development team.

The Right Time

The good news for smaller businesses is that most of the hard work and heavy lifting has been done for you. Larger companies have already forged a path that has allowed smaller businesses to create apps at a lower risk. Larger corporations have already created, troubleshooted, and mastered their apps that prove effective, valuable, and profitable for their business and there is no reason that same success can’t be replicated within the smaller business market.

The Right Balance

The trick that most businesses fail to understand is that it’s not always about pushing your products or services in your users face at all times. This leads to a bad user experience and may even cause them to uninstall your app if pushed too much. The recipe for success truly lies in bringing the right value to your best customers. By balancing what you offer, solving your customers “problem,” and providing solutions to their needs, you create a worthwhile app that keeps your users interested, engaged, and happy. The most popular features we have seen in 2017 are:

  • Social integration – 20%
  • Mobile payment – 19%
  • Personalization – 15%
  • Customer loyalty program – 13%
  • Location-based services – 12%
  • In-app scheduling – 11%
  • Push notifications – 11%

The Right Team

So how do you go about getting an app developed? There are a few options to consider each with their own advantages. Here are a few options to consider:

In House

The advantage to an in house development team is that you have them on call for your specific project only. Your wait time is reduced, and you have the convenience of solving problems in a team environment together.


The huge benefit to outsourcing your project is that it can be very cost effective and easy to stay within a lower budget. This of course comes with a few risks however, a good development team overseas can definitely get you started, and give you an app to grow as your business does.


A huge advantage about an agency is that it is an all-in-one house of mobile development professionals. A good agency will be able to design, develop, market, lead, and deploy your app while offering you the best value and experience. A good Saskatoon App Developer will take the time to know, understand, and embrace your app and business vision.

DIY Software

Software advances in 2017 have made apps incredibly easy and accessible to make. If your app is a simple business app, it can be incredibly easy to whip up a solid app within a few hours for a fraction of the cost of hiring somebody else to do it. The biggest problem with software is that lack of technical skills and time can make it a daunting task for the average business owner to create. Not everyone is a developer or graphic designer and this can lead to a poorly developed app with a terrible user experience. We never discourage the use of software, however we believe in a wise investment. Chat with your Saskatoon App Development team for more info on DIY app software.


As a small business owner, your business is always on the forefront of your priorities as it should be. Choosing to develop an app requires investment, knowledge, and sometimes… a bit of assistance. If you’re interested in discussing how an app could help you or your business, visit the Contact section of our site. Our team would love to chat about how we can turn your app idea into a reality.