The Power of Push: Send Notifications That Get Noticed

We all notice push notifications on our phones. Whether there’s a new sale, a change in privacy, or some bit of news developers feel they need to share, push notifications are a powerful tool to get yourself noticed. There are a few tips that we as a Saskatoon App Developer like to use that separate good push notifications, from annoying ones. Here are a few of our thoughts as told by our Saskatoon App Development team:

Although sending notifications to your users may sound like an easy task, it truly takes talent to create a worthwhile notification that builds your brand and engages your users. Creating solid push notifications means you understand your app’s uses and users. Although this may all sound good in theory, applying it practically is something completely different. Here are a few ideas for how you can create worthwhile push notifications as told by our Saskatoon App Developer team.


People can detect someone who isn’t authentic a mile away. So forcing unauthentic notifications on your users is never a good idea. Consider this example from iShare:

Our terms of service have been updated, it’s long a boring.. so here’s a list of the changes

Authenticity speaks volumes. The trick to being authentic is to stick to how you communicate through your brand emails, web, and social media. A good brand that tells an honest, genuine story through its authenticity are brands that people remember and are met with success.


More than half of mobile users find push notifications super annoying. The other half find them useful but only if the information in the notification is of use to them. This can be a bit of a tough area for most app owners. As someone who is 100% passionate about your app, you tend to think that every bit of news/information/updates you put into your app is useful. Although you might think so, you need to make sure that everything you let your users know, somehow effects them. Remember that your app exists in their lives for one purpose, to help them accomplish something. Ultimately, you want your users to look forward to your notifications, rather than dread them. Here is an example from Uber:

Prices dropping at 35th Ave NE, Request a ride ASAP to avoid price surging


It doesn’t always have to be strict business when it comes to your push notifications. Sometimes it’s ok to add a bit of humor into your alerts. This also shows you don’t take yourself too seriously and are brave enough to show that to your audience. Here is an example of two back to back push notifications from a hit mobile game, Simon Circles:

Bro seriously? You cheating?

We would like to apologize for our developer Chad who has been sending push notifications to players that beat his high score.

To The Point

Attention spans are super short these days. This presents the perfect opportunity to be short, quick, and to the point in your push notifications. Push notifications are meant to be short pieces of information. So don’t overdo it by trying to cram as much information into your notifications as possible. Sometimes the simplest messages are the most powerful, here is an example from Netflix:

House of Cards Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix

Simple, short, informative, and to the point.

Know Your Audience

This can be a tough one for companies to do without some guess work, but knowing your audience can make a huge difference in how you communicate with your users. Let your users know that you understand the struggle, pain, happiness, or excitement that they do when using your app in their life. Try to understand who they are and where they are coming from. Take the app Sunshine for example:

Good Morning! It’s clear now but partly cloudy and calm right now. You’ll feel cold all day. Warm a friends heart with a smile. It’s world smile day!

Current Events

Utilize current events to build your brand. This point is extremely dependent on who your app is for, however, sometimes slipping in the odd push notification regarding a recent event to boost your own usage doesn’t hurt. Whether it be the season finale of a big TV show, or a final season football game, this is your opportunity to let your brands personality shine through. Here’s an example from an app called Minibar, an alcohol delivery service, that sent this notification on an Election Day:

This #ElectionDay after you vote, choose bubbles. We’ve got everything you need for a night of watching the votes roll in.


By making your push notifications a bit more personal and to the point, you will capture the interest of your users, rather than annoy them. This is the same concept with a good app design, taking a complicated problem and simplifying it with an app. If you’re interested in discussing an app of your own, visit the Contact section of our website. Our Saskatoon App Developer team would love to chat about how we can turn your app idea into a reality!