The Best Tips for Choosing an App Developer

It might be one thing to have an app idea, but it’s a completely separate task when it comes to choosing the right mobile developer for your app idea. Here’s a few thoughts on what to do after you create an app as told by a Saskatoon App Developer:

When it comes to app development there are so many choices you can make for what direction you want to take your app idea. You could hire a freelancing developer, hire an agency, or hire a team in house depending on the size and complexity of your app. We might be a bit biased as to why you should choose an agency, but ultimately we want you to make the best decision for your app. Here are a few points to consider:


Remember to do your research on the app companies you are considering going with. Researching the company itself and the owner will help bring peace of mind that they aren’t a scam and will hopefully point to the fact that they are a very credible company that does really good work. Reading reviews, blogs, and testimonials all go a long way in establishing a reputable developer.


It’s important to know how long your potential developer/company has been doing their job. Although this shouldn’t be a leading factor in your decision, it’s certainly good to know what to expect. Are they a new company? Have they been around for a long time? Are the developers new or experienced? All these questions will definitely play some sort of part in your decision making process and if you can’t find this information on a website, don’t be afraid to ask your developer.


This is actually a really important question to ask. When it comes to your app idea your developer will more than likely need to build it natively in respective iOS and Android coding languages. In some cases, using template app software might be more feasible and faster. However, more often than not, natively coding an app is the best decision and  you should have a solid understanding of how your app is being developed, as well as the technologies being used to develop it.

Cost, Quality, and Speed

I’m sure we have all seen the triangle that shows Quality, Cost, and Speed? The same rules apply with app development. Be sure to view portfolio pieces from your developer and ask specific questions like what was the ballpark cost for a particular app and how long it took to make. If you’re lucky, they may have already made an app with similar features to your own making it easier for them to estimate how long your app will take to make. Although it might be easiest to go with the cheapest developer, I would highly recommend pursuing the developer who gives you the most value, the best result for your dollar. A higher bill that’s jammed full of awesome, practical features may still be in the running if you believe they embrace your idea the best.


Your app idea is your baby and you need to find someone who embraces your idea as you do. A good developer will not only make an app that you are “wow’d” by, but will be an individual or a company that understands who you are and the drive behind your idea. If you’re interested in chatting about how to begin creating an app with us, visit the Contact section of the website. Our team would love to chat about how we could bring your app idea to life!