The Best Kept Secrets to Designing Amazing Apps

When it comes to building your app, one of the most powerful elements of it is its design. No matter how good your app functionality is, if it doesn’t look good and it’s difficult to use, you won’t resonate with your users and they will look for an alternative. Here are a few of the best kept secrets our users use for app design as told by a Saskatoon App Developer:

You need your app to not only function, but stand out as well. To do so, your Saskatoon App Development team will be able to point you in the right direction regarding what’s working in popular apps and what’s not. Still, you should always have a say in what sort of look and feel YOUR app should have. But what separates a tacky design from something that’s really going to hit home with your intended users. Here are a few tips on what to consider when it comes to your app design.

An Interactive Design

In short, you need a design that will draw your users to the interactive sections of the app. It’s more than fine to put flashy colors in your app, but if it only serves to confuse your users then you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Remember the five pillars of interactive design

  • Goal Driven design – Keep your users needs front and center
  • Usability – Keep it simple, and easy to use
  • Affordance and signifiers – Make your interactive elements stand out
  • Learnability – Users should be able to navigate your app intuitively
  • Feedback – Recognize when a user has interacted with an element either through an animation, sound, image, or text

What Is The Competition Doing?

Good app design doesn’t have to be something you start from scratch, take the time to check out what other popular apps are doing and what other design trends are emerging online. Have you ever noticed a lot of apps look the same? Or are stupidly easy to use? This is no accident. When something works, why change it? It’s perfectly fine to find inspiration from the same types of features that other apps do. Your phone can only do so many things, so naturally there’s only a certain number of ways to have users interact with features in your app. How they do it is up to you and this is your chance to have fun, and be inspired by other apps!

For Mobile

This might seem like a redundant point but hear me out. Take button design for instance; screens come in varying sizes and that can make fitting a large enough button for a finger to hit without engaging 3 other things as well. This frustrates users, and even though it’s an app… it doesn’t feel like an app. A lot of users also use their thumbs to interact with these elements, so make sure you’re factoring in easy accessibility when designing your apps functionality.


Colors are often associated with different emotions. This is why a lot of companies brand themselves the way they do. McDonalds for example uses yellow in their golden arches, and yellow is associated with optimism, clarity, and warmth, invoking a very friendly and warm feeling when you see its logo. Above all you want to make sure you use your company colors and that they are supported by a good selection of secondary colors. If you’re a bit unsure how to proceed with this point, there are many online resources to pursue, but your Saskatoon App Development design team should be able to help you out there. Above all you want a color scheme that you and your app developer believe best suit your app, what it does, and what industry/category it falls under!

Blending Text In

Some developers will try to eliminate text as much as possible in a design. As the best Saskatoon App Developer, we believe text is incredibly important, but it needs to blend well with your design to be just as fun to see as an image. You need to make sure your writing is tailored to who will be reading it, blended well with the page so it doesn’t look tacky, and that it (as a general rule) is as short and to the point as possible. If users simply wanted to read, they’d go to your website, an app is a place to interact and do things. Consult your developer for more on this.


Hopefully we have given you a few things to think about. It shouldn’t be on you to develop the entirety of your app, however, knowing good design principles will help guide you in giving more constructive feedback to your Saskatoon App Development team. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your app a bit further, visit the Contact section of our website. Our team would love to chat with you about we can turn your app idea into a reality. We build more than apps, we build businesses.