Using Video To Enhance Your Brand Awareness: Part 2

In our last post we discussed the initial steps of generating video content, and how important it is to consider the right content strategies, equipment selection and market research to develop your video marketing tactics successfully. Let’s take the next step and discuss a few different genres that our Saskatoon App Development team believes your business might identify with.

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Using Video To Enhance Your Brand Awareness: Part 1

So often, companies will try to add video to their marketing campaigns, without success. When marketing with video, there are some key steps that you cannot skip. Our Saskatoon App Developers want to help you achieve the highest level of success when it comes to using marketing with video. Check out our first post in this series to help you understand everything that using video encompasses. Read more

Your Mobile App Checklist

Are you looking to build the next best app out there? Looking to update your existing app? Whatever category you fall under, our Saskatoon App Developers have some important steps to follow to ensure you cover all of your bases to develop your mobile app. Read more

The Best Kept Secrets to Designing Amazing Apps

When it comes to building your app, one of the most powerful elements of it is its design. No matter how good your app functionality is, if it doesn’t look good and it’s difficult to use, you won’t resonate with your users and they will look for an alternative. Here are a few of the best kept secrets our users use for app design as told by a Saskatoon App Developer:

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3 Ways To Increase Mobile App Users & Keep Them Engaged

Mobile App retention and engagement are two very important avenues to explore when thinking about your users. In this article, your Saskatoon App Developers will give you some tips on how to keep your app engaging and keep your users coming back.

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The Power of Push: Send Notifications That Get Noticed

We all notice push notifications on our phones. Whether there’s a new sale, a change in privacy, or some bit of news developers feel they need to share, push notifications are a powerful tool to get yourself noticed. There are a few tips that we as a Saskatoon App Developer like to use that separate good push notifications, from annoying ones. Here are a few of our thoughts as told by our Saskatoon App Development team:

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How a Local Barber Shop Booked 4,111 Appointments with their Mobile App

When you make an app for business, it’s about more than just having an app. It’s about using the technology in your mobile device to give your customers a unique and worthwhile experience.. and above all, it’s about solving a problem. Here is a case study on how a mobile app completely changed a barber shop for the better:

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The Small Business App Boom – The Trend of 2017?

Apps are all the rage for businesses these days. No matter what size of business you own, it seems everyone has an app for it. So how are small business owners keeping up? Check out a few thoughts from a Saskatoon App Developer’s perspective how you can incorporate an app into your small business for a fraction of the cost:

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Android vs Apple: What Platform Do You Develop First? Part 2

When choosing what platforms you want to develop on, it can be a bit challenging. Although the usual answer is both to cover everything, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense financially or practically to make an app for both Android and iOS. As a Saskatoon App Developer, it’s our job to help you make the right decision for the right market. Here is our list of how to pick the right platform for your app:

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Android vs Apple: What Platform Do You Develop First? Part 1

It can be a tough question as to which platform to develop for first. As a Saskatoon App Developer, we usually recommend both platforms but that can sometimes be a bit expensive (depending on your app). Here is our top list on things to consider when choosing what platform to develop your mobile app on.

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