Revolutionizing Agriculture: Thought’s from an App Dev

If apps can be for everybody, what about the agriculture industry? We often generalize farming and technology being as far apart as North and South but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the agriculture industry has been in a constant tech boom as more innovations are introduced to make farm management easier and more efficient. Here’s a few thoughts on why the agriculture industry should be partnering an app for farm operations:

There’s an app for everything these days. Although it still comes as a surprise to most people that farmers use apps or even make their own apps to make their farms a little bit more efficient and organized. You might be a farmer reading this and have a great idea for an app but you just aren’t sure if it’s worth it. Let me be the one to say that you aren’t alone and more and more farmers are partnering together to change agriculture forever. The practicality, ease, and utility of a smartphone makes a solid app on a good smartphone a farmer’s favorite tool. Here are a few thoughts on how agriculture can/is benefiting from technology as told by a Saskatoon App Developer.

The Right Match

Most farmers have been running a farm for generations, meaning that they’ve likely forgotten more about farming than the average person knows. So how do we go about making an app? Partnering the right farmer(s) that takes the time to share their knowledge with the right Saskatoon App Development, team can go a long way in shaping an app that unites years worth of experience right to the fingertips of the world. A good information based app can answer many questions and problems which will contribute to increased productivity, cheaper cost, and a higher yield.

Developing Countries

It can be extremely hard to be a farmer in a developing country. The costs, knowledge, climate, etc leave very little room for error when it comes to growing enough food to support the country. That’s why many sustainability based projects have turned to app making in particular in order to provide the farmers a visual way to see how to run their farms, what best practices are, and answer any questions they may have. The more farmers that can lend a helping hand to this, the better off farmers in developing countries will be.

Changing the Game

We may have given reasons why an agriculture app made by a Saskatoon App Developer may be a good idea, but what’s happening in the industry right now? Here’s a few examples of apps already changing the industry:

  • AgVault 2.0 – This app comes partnered with drone technology. Using the app you simply map out the route, elevation, sideslip, overlap, and boxed area you want the drone to fly within. The drone gets to work taking geolocated photos of the crop which is sent to the entire team. This data is used to detect irregularities, pests, and weeds in a fraction of the time of the farmer surveying the area themselves.
  • Grain Truck Plus –  This app is made by John Deere and is used to track your team, find the nearest grain elevator, see wait times at the nearest grain elevators, provide contact information, and let your team know where the combine, carts, and trucks are. This handy app can be an all in one savior on harvest day as it comes absolutely packed with useful features making the harvest incredibly easy.
  • AgriSync – There are many help apps for farmers but one in particular is called AgriSync. This app allows a farmer to stream video in real time to a live person knowledgeable in whatever problem/question they may have. Whether it be a simple question or identifying a type of weed and how to treat it, there’s always someone on standby to help you out.


These are a couple examples so please visit the reference section to view more examples of agriculture apps. If you have an idea that you would be interested in pursuing, please visit the Contact section of the website. Our Saskatoon App Development team would love to chat about how we can turn your app idea into a reality. We build more than apps, we build businesses.