Must Have Apps For Summer 2017

Summer is in full swing and that means it’s time to get outdoors and make the most of what summer has to offer. Although you might be outdoors more often, you will still be bringing your phone. Here are a few fun apps you might want to consider before you go out and enjoy the fun and great weather as told by a Saskatoon App Developer!

We are well into summer and that means it’s time to trade in those snow boots and jackets for sunscreen and flip flops. Just as shorts are a staple to summer so too is your phone, and some sweet apps to go with it. So here is a list of a few great apps you can use as told by a Saskatoon App Developer.

1. Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App

Finally, a new, innovative way to track your luscious summer glow. This app tracks your sun time based on complexion, location, time, and SPF protection. This app also partners your location by providing you with a UV index. When I think of an intense sun tanning session, I think of the old school way where you would set alarms to know when to turn over and tan your other side. It just makes sense that safe sun tanning be caught up as technology progresses.

2. PackPoint

How many times have you left the house and said “I forgot _____.” With PackPoint, you simply plug in what activity you are doing (hiking, road trip, camping, etc) and PackPoint instantly generates a lists of suggestions for you to bring along on your trip. PackPoint calculates what you need based on weather, duration, and any other custom inputs right down to how many pairs of socks you should bring. To top it all off, the app saves your list should you ever make the same trip.

3. Get My Boat

You know AirBnB? Imagine AirBnB for people’s boats! Using this app, you can book other people’s boats in many locations around the world. This app offers over 30,000 boats and counting. No longer will you pay an arm and a leg to enjoy your boating experience since Get My Boat offers everything from canoes, to kayaks, to houseboats, and yachts!

4. Field Trip

If you’re a huge nerd like I am, then Field Trip might be the app for you. Field Trip showcases points of interest during your trip such as historic spots, interesting architecture, and film locations. This makes the road trip a little more bearable (or less bearable depending on who you are). As you approach a point of interest, a card will pop up, or, (if you have the sound enabled), a voice will speak to you via bluetooth, headset, or speaker. I love little random facts that spice up the trip, so if this sounds appealing to you, be sure to check it out.

5. Back To School Countdown

A bit of a joke by the Saskatoon App Development team, but if your kids are driving you a bit nuts over the summer, just remember there’s only 4 weeks, 12 hours, 32 minutes,and 14 seconds left until the new school year…


There’s a ton of great apps out there that can be used to enhance the fun and joy that summer brings. Remember that if you’re going out this summer to be safe and responsible. If you have an idea for a summer app of your own, visit the Contact section of our site, our team of Saskatoon App Developers would love to chat about how we can turn your app idea into a reality!