How a Local Barber Shop Booked 4,111 Appointments with their Mobile App

When you make an app for business, it’s about more than just having an app. It’s about using the technology in your mobile device to give your customers a unique and worthwhile experience.. and above all, it’s about solving a problem. Here is a case study on how a mobile app completely changed a barber shop for the better:

In between a few post-secondary institutions in Florida sits a small but popular barber shop called “Livin in the Cut.” Their biggest problem? The amount of walk in customers they were experiencing. This huge surplus of traffic was causing them to fall behind in booking appointments, and was even costing them customers who were too impatient and frustrated to wait. They knew their problem was the outrageously long wait times and disorganization of their current booking structure. After much consideration, they decided an app was the way to go to solve this problem. Here is what they found based on a Saskatoon App Developer’s research.

The Challenge

As mentioned before, Livin in the Cut had a serious problem with dealing with the business of their shop. Their booking schedule was way too chaotic and the wait times were way too long. From the employees side, the employees needed to give their current customers the best cuts, as well as answer the phone to book more haircuts. Scheduling was also an issue. The barber shop had 20 barbers and only 15 chairs, this made scheduling times an absolute nightmare for everyone involved. Their bottom line problem was that they needed a way to improve communication both internally and externally. This led to the discovery of their app development firm much like our Saskatoon App Development team to step in and solve the problem.

The Solution

The app was simple but incredibly powerful and informative. Not only did it provide the means to book times with your designated barber. It also provided a projected wait list allowing you to view how many people were walk ins waiting for a haircut. When a client walks in and checks in or claims a reservation, the barber is immediately notified, and the app is updated to show accurate wait times and who is currently being served. This creates an efficient system of keeping the barber chairs full, the customers happy, and the system extremely organized. This allowed customers to plans their visits accordingly ensuring no one is lost from the barbershop being too busy.

The Result

After their new app was developed, tested and launched, Livin in the Cut saw a total 7,013 walk-in clients and 4,111 reservations booked to date. They saw their customers were coming in and having a fantastic experience rather than feeling frustrated and leaving. This success also presented Livin in the Cut to open up advertising boards within their app/digital system that allowed local businesses to advertise themselves both within the app and the monthly newsletters. Also with customers submitting emails and names, this allowed Livin in the Cut to implement a targeted marketing strategy that saw a huge increase to their business. Since their system was completely digital within the app, they were also able to create working schedules easier for the barbers as opposed to their old system. Ultimately, what started out as an app to increase efficiency, became something far more valuable! Something we as Saskatoon App Developers always do for our clients.


This success doesn’t have to be just for Livin in the Cut. This is very real and affordable ideas that you can implement for your business and we would love to help you achieve that! If you’re interested in chatting with a member of our Saskatoon App Development team, visit the Contact section of our website. We will be in touch shortly to discuss how we can turn your app idea into a reality. Remember, we build more than apps… we build businesses!