User Interface Tips from Top Mobile App Developers

Struggling with how to get that modern app that’s cutting edge, sleek, simple, complicated, retro, modern, bright, fun and professional? Although it can be a challenge in working with your Saskatoon App Developer with what you want your app to look like, we believe we have mastered our craft in when it comes to creating beautiful apps! Here are a few tips that will go a long way to structuring your UI how you want it.

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The Three Biggest Mistakes in App Marketing

When it comes to marketing in general, it can definitely be a bit tricky. This goes extra for mobile marketing, it can be tough to convince people to download your app and stick with it. Although each app is different, there are a few basic mistakes that everybody makes when it comes to marketing. Here are the top 3 marketing mistakes that everyone is making as told by a Saskatoon App Developer:

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Welcome to VOG Saskatoon App Developer

Hello Saskatoon!

We are incredibly excited to make you our first expansion out of Alberta and into the rest of Canada! Our next door neighbor Saskatchewan has so much to offer, strong resource and agricultural communities, one of the best views of the northern lights, and hopefully best of all… incredible app ideas! It is with great pride that I introduce to you the third expansion of our business, VOG Saskatoon App Developer.

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