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How a Local Barber Shop Booked 4,111 Appointments with their Mobile App

When you make an app for business, it’s about more than just having an app. It’s about using the technology in your mobile device to give your customers a unique and worthwhile experience.. and above all, it’s about solving a problem. Here is a case study on how a mobile app completely changed a barber […]

Android vs Apple: What Platform Do You Develop First? Part 2

When choosing what platforms you want to develop on, it can be a bit challenging. Although the usual answer is both to cover everything, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense financially or practically to make an app for both Android and iOS. As a Saskatoon App Developer, it’s our job to help you make the […]

User Interface Tips from Top Mobile App Developers

Struggling with how to get that modern app that’s cutting edge, sleek, simple, complicated, retro, modern, bright, fun and professional? Although it can be a challenge in working with your Saskatoon App Developer with what you want your app to look like, we believe we have mastered our craft in when it comes to creating […]