Android vs Apple: What Platform Do You Develop First? Part 1

It can be a tough question as to which platform to develop for first. As a Saskatoon App Developer, we usually recommend both platforms but that can sometimes be a bit expensive (depending on your app). Here is our top list on things to consider when choosing what platform to develop your mobile app on.

There’s really no simple answer to the question “Apple or Android?” So how do you make a decision? Well even if you can afford both there are a ton of factors that influence whether or not you should build for both. Sometimes, (especially if you’re just starting out) it makes sense to just build for one platform and rate the success. Here are a few tips on how to choose between Apple iOS or Android as told by a Saskatoon App Development team.


Despite what others say, the fact is that Android is the most popular smartphone on the market. This comes in part that so many phones run an Android operating system. According to Survey (2016), Android dominates more than 86% of the global market share, followed by iOS in second place. This means that in terms of reaching a higher number of individuals, Android is the way to go. As far as future outlook goes, there is no denying that iOS is on the rise all over the world, but it’s so difficult to predict if iOS will suddenly explode in popularity, or if Android will continue to dominate. The good news is that both platforms are in good shape and you won’t ever have to worry about relevance over the next few years.


Although Apple may have a smaller market share, there are some countries in the world where Apple absolutely dominates the market. Countries such as Asia Pacific, China, Europe, and America are hugely dominated by Apple products. Keep this in mind if you are developing an app for a specific country.

Target Audience

This may seem a bit redundant but hear me out. By knowing your app and what problem it solves, you can give a far more accurate prediction as to who your target audience is. By knowing your customers basic demographics and behavioral patterns such as gender, income, age, occupation, family status, interests, attitudes, beliefs and education, you will be far more capable of identifying other audience factors as well beyond simply guessing. By identifying your target audience, you will then be able to identify what sort of device they use. Are they a business person in another country that uses primarily Apple? Are they a younger millennial in Canada that uses mostly Android? By taking the time to do this extra research, you identify who to make and market your app for.


Hopefully you found some of this both interesting and helpful. Although you may not personally own an Apple or Android device, that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the potential that one or the other may offer. If you’re interested in chatting to a Saskatoon App Developer, visit the Contact section of our website. Our team would love to chat how we can turn your app idea into a reality.