3 Ways To Increase Mobile App Users & Keep Them Engaged

Mobile App retention and engagement are two very important avenues to explore when thinking about your users. In this article, your Saskatoon App Developers will give you some tips on how to keep your app engaging and keep your users coming back.

What Is User Retention & Engagement?

When building a mobile app, one of the most important aspects to think about is how to keep your users interested and to keep them coming back to your app.

According to research done by localytics, if an app is opened only once in 7 days, there is a 60% chance it will never be opened again. Let’s find out how to increase your chances of user retention, with the help of your local Saskatoon App Developer.

1. Simplify The Sign-In Process

Making it easier for your users to sign in or sign up for your app is the easiest way to avoid users from leaving too quickly. Overloading your potential users with too many questions or fields to fill out will deter them from wanting to stick around and explore.

Here are a few ways to help keep your mobile app users around longer:

  • Keep the steps to account creation to a minimum, try not to overload with too many questions
  • Try tutorials or step-by-step instructions, as the user progresses through your app, rather than giving them too much information up front.

2. Using Push Notifications

Users who have agreed to receive push notifications have a way higher engagement score than users who do not. Push notifications will continually remind your users that they need to open your app, and serve as a great reminder to keep using the app when they have potentially forgotten about it. Not only does it bring immediate attention to the app, but when the push notification appears on your users device, a simple tap will take them straight into your app. You can even include special offers such as coupons or loyalty discounts which will further drive your customers to use your services.

3. Use Incentives

Rewarding loyal users and providing incentives for continual use is another great way to encourage user engagement. You can tailor specific incentives to your services or products, be it coupons or points systems, either way you choose giving your customers a way to celebrate their partnership with your app will certainly keep them coming back.


Whatever app idea you have, always consider these points above when developing your mobile app. User engagement and retention can make or break your app, and we want to help! Contact us today to chat about some more ideas on how to make your app stand out for your consumers.


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